THE iPLAN GLOBAL RETIREMENT PLAN International Personal Pension for Expats

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Fully tailored international retirement plan for employers with larger populations.

The iPlan Global Retirement Plan

The iPlan Global Retirement Plan (IGRP) is an international retirement plan designed specifically for expats who want to manage their pensions in a safe and secure location whilst living abroad.

The IGRP is offers an ideal way of consolidating the various personal pensions that individuals accumulate during their working life. Consolidating pensions in this way reduces administrative complications later when the individual is approaching retirement. This is true for all pensions, although arguably more important to expats. The IGRP allows members to manage their investments, under the guidance of their financial adviser, enabling them to set bespoke objectives to maximise their investment income in retirement.

IGRP members can begin taking benefits at any time from the age 50 and any residual fund can be passed to your beneficiaries’ on your demise. The rules governing an international pension registered in the Isle of Man are more flexible than most other jurisdictions which makes the Island one of the most popular locations for these types of plans. 30% of the fund can be withdrawn as a Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) with the residual fund then providing an income which would be taxed in accordance with the rules of your jurisdiction at the time of retirement. International Pension Plans are tax exempt in the Isle of Man, this means your income will accumulate tax free within the plan and your benefits will be paid gross when you take them.

Very few people are employed by the same company over the course of their career. Inevitably individuals end up with several different pension plans from the various employers they have worked for. This leads to more complicated administration as people have to deal with different providers both whilst accumulating funds and being paid benefits. This problem can be solved by consolidating all pensions into one easy to manage alternative: the IGRP.

The IGRP has a streamlined application process and can be operational in just a matter of weeks.

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